Dr. Hugo Harrison is an ARC Research Fellow at James Cook University whose research focuses on the movement of marine organisms from reef to reef. His work involves tracking the dispersal of tiny fish larvae within and beyond the boundaries of no-take marine reserves to measure the impact of reef conservation and fisheries management. Hugo was recently awarded a prestigious fellowship to expand this work into the Coral Sea. Over the next 3 years, he will be leading expeditions to remote reefs of the Queensland plateau. These are some of Australia’s most pristine coral reef ecosystems, but also some of the most difficult and dangerous to access. Hugo and his team will be collecting samples of reef fish and corals to understand whether these pristine environments are a refuge of biodiversity for the Great Barrier Reef and establish management actions that will best protect them.

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I grew up amongst French vineyards of the Loire Valley, so diving coral reefs around the world seemed an unlikely profession. Now a DECRA Fellow in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Science, my research has led me to some of the most remote reefs of the Australian continent.

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